Simpson & Vail Green Tea Sampler Gift Box, 10 Packs

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Simpson & Vail Green Tea Sampler Gift Box contains a sampling of green teas that's sure to thrill a green tea lover or a person who wants to explore the delicious world of green teas.


  • Contains 10 packages
  • Each package makes approximately 6-8 cups and is labeled with the name of the tea and brewing information for each tea
  • Packaged in a black gift box, lined with black and white floral patterned tissue, and sealed with a decorative label
  • Made in United States of America

This gift box includes:

  • Bancha - The larger leafed tea produces a pale greenish liquor that has a light full-bodied taste.
  • Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Green - A refreshing all-day sipper for lovers of green tea! Grown at over 6000 feet on the high plateau of Nuwara Eliya the large, curled, olive-green leaves produce a pale ecru cup with a smooth, clean taste and no astringency.
  • China Lin Yun Downy - The brewed tea is delicious with a bright cup and a light, fresh, green tea taste. You'll see the long, twisted, tippy, gray-green leaves open into very long olive-green leaves that lend themselves to more than one steeping.
  • China Mountain - A steamed green tea. Picked between May and June, the forest-green leaves brew to a delicate green cup with a fresh vegetal aroma, and a light citral taste.
  • Green Lemon Ginger - Our lemon ginger tea is a blend that combines natural lemon oil and organic ginger root with green tea from China. The pale, delicate green cup has the comforting aroma of lemons and the warming spiciness of ginger.
  • Japan Sencha - Grade B - dark green leaves and delightful vegetal aroma. The tea brews to a light green cup with a hint of earthiness and a smooth fresh sweet taste.
  • Korean Jeoncha, organic - These beautiful, large green leaves have a fresh picked aroma. They brew to a pale green cup with a fresh, popcorn aroma and a toasty, vegetal taste.
  • Moroccan Mint - a delicious blend of spearmint and green tea. The green tea unfurls into large leaves, with a pale ecru cup and a strong minty flavor.
  • Vietnam Bac Ha, organic - a pale green colored cup, a steamed spinach aroma, and full body with a vegetal, sweet taste.
  • Young Hyson - In Chinese, Young Hyson means "before the rains". The tea is prepared from young leaves, twisted in a long, thin style. The flavor is more full-bodied and pungent than other green teas, with a hint of sweetness.

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